Meet Our Staff


Aaron Argo
Sales Manager
I have worked for several other dealerships in the panhandle. I took the job at Whiteface because when I intervied for the job I was so impressed with the owners position on putting the customers needs first. He is also very generous and dedicated to his employees. He wants all his people to love their job and all his customers to love the way they are treated and I like that. If you let me earn your business I promise that you will experience what the Dealer For The People is all about.
Antonio Maldonado
Dealer para la gente
Matthew Perez
Sales Associate
I love my Hereford community, Everyone I know lives in this community. I got into the car business because I wanted to something different. Most everyone wants or needs a nicer newer car. I figured this would be a great way to serve my neighbors and my community. I took a job at Whiteface Ford because I love their "Customer First" philosophy. We call it" The Dealer For The People". If you want a sweetheart deal on a new or used vehicle please
Brandon Gresham
Sales Associate
I am a lifetime resident of Hereford. I love serving my customers at Whiteface Ford with integrity and honesty. I hounded Whiteface for 6 months to hire me and they finally gave me a chance. I started at the bottom and was promoted to Sales Associate within 6 months. I thought wow, what a blessing. What a great company to work for that would spend hours coaching and training me and teaching me a skill that would give me a career. The owner of this dealership believes that customers should be treated with respect, honesty, and transparency. That way we can build long term trusting relationships with all of our customers. He call it being "The Dealer For The People". I am proud to work for a company that has a mission statement like that. If will give me a chance, you have my promise that you will be very happy with the buying experience you receive.
Brady Galland
Inventory Manager
I was given an opportunity at Whiteface Ford to learn the car business from top to bottom. I am responsible for making sure that all the New and Used inventory is correctly displayed and organized. I love working at Whiteface because I love cars and I am learning so much about how all the features and options work on all the different cars and trucks.


Felipe Hernandez
Service Manager
I have been a Service Manager at Automobile Dealerships for over 10 years. I pride myself on my outstanding customer satisfaction scores with Ford Motor Company. I hold my entire team to our company's mission of being the "Dealership For The People" where we provide the highest level of quality standards in the industry. My Technicians are committed to providing the greatest service possible anywhere, and within the consumers budget. We have the latest state of the art equipment in the industry. My entire staff conducts routine continuing education training to hone their skills. I can say with confidence that if you bring your vehicle to my Service department you will become a customer for life
Jesse Enriquez
Service Writer
I am a lifetime resident of Hereford. I love serving my customers at Whiteface Ford with integrity and honesty. I started at the bottom and was promoted to Service Writer within 4 months. I thought fantastic, What a great company to work for that would spend hours coaching and training me and teaching me a skill that would give me a career. The owner of this dealership believes that customers should be treated with the utmost care and transparency when it comes to their vehicles because lets face it, most people don't know how a car works and so they get scared when it breaks. He teaches us to be upfront and honest with the customer about what it is going to cost, and how long it will take to fix it. That way we can build long term trusting relationships with all of our customers. He calls it being "The Dealer For The People". I am proud to work for a company that has a mission statement like that. I will give me a chance, you have my promise that you will be very happy with the services you receive.
Cody williams
Certified Technician
I have over 10 years experience doing what I love. Turning wrenches, My passion is fixing cars right the first time and I have a great deal of pride doing so. I understand the frustration that consumers go through when their vehicles break down so I work hard to get it done and done quickly. I was recruited by Whiteface from my old job which was a diesel repair shop in canyon. I have never enjoyed a job as much as this one the philosophy of this dealership is like none that I have ever worked for. They care about their employees, They care about their customers. Its incredible to come to work knowing that your going have plenty of work, the equipment to do it right, and make a good living doing it. I love My family at Whiteface ford. And I love working for the Dealer for The People.
Jeorge Diaz
Certified Diesel Technician-Shop Foreman
I have Been in the Automotive repair business for over 20 years. I hold multiple certifications in both Gas and Diesel diagnostics and repair. I have a reputation among my peers as being one of the Best Technicians in the panhandle. I can work anywhere but I chose Whiteface Ford for a reason, I like the people I work with. Whiteface Ford is totally different than most dealerships that only care about the bottom line. Whiteface Ford cares about their employees and they put their customers satisfaction first. I believe a companys culture comes from the top, The owner and his values. I work for the "Dealer For the People" and it is a real concept. I love my job, It is my passion. I am always available if you have any questions or concerns, I pledge to you that if bring your vehicle into our shop for repair you will be completely satisfied
David (Dewey) Aylesworth
Certified Technician
I have over 15 years repairing all makes and models of automobiles. I love working for Whiteface Ford because they let me do my job correctly without cutting corners. My specialties include Engine, Transmissions, and Suspension. along with certifications in several other areas. I can promise that If you let us repair your vehicle it will be fixed correctly the first time and with the highest level of integrity. Before I came to Whiteface I worked for another well known dealership in Amarillo but I was just a number. I responded to an ad and came over to check things out. I was immediately impressed at how friendly the other staff was. I signed on that day and have never regretted it. The entire dealership family is dedicated to providing what we call being "The Dealership for The People". I love my job and have finally found a home
Toby Garza
Associate Technician
I was hired on at Whiteface Ford almost a year ago and I love this dealership. I have worked at a few other garages in town but never one as professional and well equipped as this one. We have a great team in the parts and service departments. the Master Technicians are teaching me a lot. I cannot believe they are paying me to go to school so that I can become Master Certified and that's my goal. The big boss is constantly talking about how we must
Jose Rocha
Certified Asset Technician
I have been working at Whiteface Ford for over a Year while Attending Fords Automotive Student Service Educational Training College Program. I want to become a Certified Automotive Master Diesel Technician Like my shop foreman. We have a great team here at Whiteface and i am gaining a lot of hands on experience form all of the other Veteran technicians. those guys know their stuff. There have been a ton of changes at the shop too. We have all new equipment and they actually pay us to do extra training. This is the first place I have ever worked where i really feel appreciated and that really makes me love my job.
Armondo Cruz
Professional Automotive Detailer
I love my job a Whiteface ford. I love Making the Cars and Trucks look brand new. Working for the "Dealer For The People" is great because I can have pride in myself and the company I work for. We treat every customer like family and i like that. Come let me show you how I can make your car like new again
Tyler Suarez
Service Technician
I have only been repairing automobiles for a few years and have a lot to learn. Thankfully the people here at Whiteface Ford believe in training people from their own community like me. I have great teachers that help me do it right the first time. My dream is to become a Ford Master Technician like they are, and Whiteface is helping me achieve this dream. I look forward to working here for many, many years.


Parts Manager
I am here to assist you with your parts needs. I have 20 years in the parts business and A loyal following of long time customers. I have built those relationships by being diligent in ordering the right parts the first time and getting them on time. The thing I like most about the recent changes we have made at Whiteface is that they have allowed me to increase my inventory, That way I will almost always have the parts my customers need the most in stock instead of having to overnight them. We also have routine A Team meetings where we discuss ways to improve the dealership. We call all these changes "The Dealership for the People" and I love the way it is changing the atmosphere around here. Come see us at Whiteface ford and find out what the Dealer For the People is all about.
Andrew Hernandez
Parts Counter Sales Associate
I am here to serve the Hereford community with all your parts needs. I am committed to providing prompt, courteous, reliable, service, to all our customers. If you need any part give Whiteface Ford a try!!
Robert Bribiesca
Parts Assistant
I have only been at Whiteface Ford for a short period of time but i can already say I finally found a good home. All of the staff here are committed to customer service excellence. I promise if you will let me earn your business here at Whiteface I will do everything possible to get you the right parts at the right price every time. Please gime me a chance to show you what makes Whiteface Ford the best dealership in the panhandle. You will see why we are called "The Dealer For The People"


Jon Galland
Dealer Principle(Dealer For The People)
My Concept is simple. Be the peoples advocate, That's what the "The Dealer For The People"is all about. I have spent the last few years hand selecting personnel that share my philosophy. You see it takes employee's and a company culture that is committed to providing excellent service to all customers, regardless of their individual circumstances. It takes team work and problem solving skills, It takes integrity combined with respect for your fellow man and woman. This is the winning team I have assembled at Whiteface Ford, where we believe everyone deserves to drive a nicer newer car or truck. You have my word that we will appreciate and respect every person that comes to visit, Whether it is for sales, service or parts. You have my commitment that my staff will utilize every resource available to assist you with the utmost professionalism. I Promise I will always have my door open to anyone who may have a suggestion on how we may do a better job being what I call "The Dealer For The People" Sincerely, Jon Galland
General Manager
I have been a Ford man my whole life, when I was offered the opportunity to Join the Whiteface team I leaped at it. I love the Ford products and know them inside out. I am here to assist you with your needs. I hold my staff accountable to provide every customer with respect,honesty, and integrity. My goal for Whiteface Ford is to build a comfortable place to do business where the customer comes first 100% of the time. Where we are the "Dealer for the People" Where we will do what ever it takes to get you in a nicer newer car or truck today regardless of your current or prior circumstances. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me anytime.
General Sales Manager
I am here to assist you with your needs. I have over 30 years experience helping people purchase the vehicle they want at a price they can afford. The thing I love most about my job is the Dealer that I work for. when you work for "The Dealer For The People ", Its very satisfying to know that your helping people solve problems and get into nicer newer cars and trucks. Because here at Whiteface Ford we believe that "Everyone Deserves To Drive A nicer Newer Car Or Truck"


Ben Blankenhagen
New Ford Director
My specialty is understanding and demonstrating characteristics, capabilities, and features on all our New Ford vehicles. I'm a Ford Certified Sales Associate/New Ford Inventory Coordinator with an extra emphasis on Customer Satisfaction. We here at Whiteface Ford believe that the customer is priority number ONE and we've been working hard building our solid reputation, proving that time and time again.
Senior Sales Associate
I have been the the Automotive business for over 30 years in the panhandle. I have been employed at Whiteface Ford for the last 8 years, I am always the top salesperson because I treat my customers with integrity and honesty. I love working for the Dealer for the People because we share the same values. "Treat your people right and they will treat you right" Solve their problems and they will solve your problems" Come see me because I believe everyone deserves to drive a nicer newer car and My customers always return because they receive a fair and honest deal every time.
New/Used Sales
I am here to assist you with your needs. I have worked at Whiteface for several years because I love the way we are not required by management to use high pressure sales tactics with our customers. My philosophy is that I help people do what they want and buy what they want. If a customer is uncomfortable when they are making a purchase decision. They should probably sleep on it. At Whiteface this is possible because of our great culture. We are not just the "Dealership For The People" we are the also The Dealership For The Employee's" I plan on working here until I retire.


Neal Bratton
Office Manager
I have been a Dealership Accountant for over 25 years, I pride myself on resolving customer and vendor issues quickly and accurately. My staff shares my passion for making our customers and vendors completely satisfied. I like the people I work with here at Whiteface ford. Its quite different than some of the high pressure Dealerships I have worked for in the past. Because I am in accounting I see how much the company spends on keeping its customers happy and also how much they invest in the community. I also see how much the owner Jon Galland cares about his entire staff and how he puts the customer first 100% of the time. We have developed A culture called "The Dealer For The People" and its about treating your customers like kings and your employee's like family and I love it here.
Magale Banda
Service Cashier/Accounts Payable Clerk
I Love my customers at Whiteface, Its nice seeing them come in and leave happy that their car was fixed properly and they are back on the road. I love all my co-workers and the atmosphere at Whiteface ford. We have made a lot of changes in the past year and its been awesome. We have all new equipment in the shop and a new phone system coming. We are all getting training so that we can do a better job serving our customers. We have created a culture called "The Dealer For The People" where we just make the customers happy no matter what. I have lived in Hereford for 10 years and am bilingual so call me if you need any help with you automotive needs.
Aretha Mungia
Title and Regestration Administrator
My job is to make sure the customers get everything they need after the sale. I love it because i work with an awesome group of people and I get to see all the people we sell cars to. and its great when you call someone to tell them their title is ready and they tell you how happy they are with their new car. At this dealership we believe everyone deserves to drive a nicer newer car and I get to see that happen every single day. That makes me very happy to work for "The Dealer For The People" because I know we are really helping people not just selling cars.